Why you should get a Direct piping water dispenser September 1, 2021

Water dispensers are common and essential household and office facilities that provide consumers with water at desired temperatures of hot or cold degrees and, in some cases, include purification. They are especially a blessing in hot and humid climatic regions and provide hardworking people and homeowners with cold refreshing water. They let you skip a boiler and provide hot water for your morning coffee and tea needs. You must be familiar with the water dispenser with a removable water bottle or gallon attached to it in offices and homes. But there is another more efficient variant of this modern luxury that could benefit you a lot in the long run.

The direct piping water dispenser is the same machine with some added benefits. The most significant difference between water dispensers is that of a direct piping is attached to a direct water supply from a fixed source. So, this dispenser will be attached to the water pipes that run into your office or home and operate with that supply.

1. Saves cost

One of the best advantages of a water dispenser is the costs it cuts. Since it will operate from a direct water supply, it does not require portable water containers or bottles. This cuts the spending on buying these bottles, their regular deliveries, and refilling. Storage space for spare and unused bottles is also a hassle bypassed by this appliance. In most cases, traditional dispensers do not function as purifiers. Hence, they require pre-purified water to be in the bottles attached, which can be very expensive and add to all the costs previously mentioned. The direct piping water dispenser uses your regular water utility. It provides you with the same cool refreshing water and pre-heated water.

2. Guaranteed Purity

As regular water dispensers may not have filters and you are not present to monitor the purification process of big water companies that you buy from for these dispensers, the direct water piping dispenser allows you to enjoy a certainty that your water is treated and purified, and safe to drink. You also ensure that no harmful chemicals or processes are used in the purification process because it happens in your office or kitchen and in a small containable case. Most direct dispensers will have four stages of filtering to remove impurities and sediments, add alkalinizers, kill pathogens and microbe pollutants and add antioxidant elements. This provides you with safe, healthy, and better than tap water drinking water. Regular service and cleaning will also ensure the degree of your water’s purity, something that trusting a big water company does not provide.

3. Helps the environment

Getting a direct piping water dispenser Singapore will help you reduce your carbon footprint by a lot. Just think of all the plastic you are quitting from using those bottles, the fuel you save from constant delivery trips and refilling them. Not buying these bottles also means you are not supporting giant corporations that use many fossil fuels and have enormous carbon footprints. You removing yourself from this helps make you more helpful and friendly with the environment. This is something crucial to think bout in this day and age as we all need to do our part in averting the climate crisis. And what better way to do that than by getting yourself a continuous supply of purified hot or cold water that also helps your budget.

4. More Convenient

The hassle of putting up with a fixed water supply that runs out every few days is enormous. Now add the constant deliveries and storage of the huge bottles. And if you have more people causing the water to run out faster, you need to time when you order the next delivery. Suppose you don’t consume fast enough to empty the bottle before the next delivery. In that case, you are left with a bulky and unappealing-looking bottle to store. And let’s not forget about the infamous ordeal of picking up and placing the bottle on the dispenser, which is always an injury and spillage hazard. The time and effort that goes into maintaining a regular water dispenser can all be curtailed by the direct piping water dispenser Singapore. Enjoying a continuous supply of water without worrying about deliveries and orders is a blessing. ‘In cases of emergency, you run out of water, and the supplier is unable to deliver on time is a nightmarish scenario. All customers also appreciate the removal of tedious bottle installation. There is no need to worry about dropping an expensive bottle and wasting a gallon of water or even electrocuting yourself after this switch. This water dispenser upgrade can bring monumental ease to your life and let you put your time in more important areas and move on from the worry of provision of drinking water.

As a bonus, you have a choice between tabletop or counter and floor standing dispensers with different capacities to meet your drinking requirements.

If this convinced you to switch to a direct piping water dispenser and you are now wondering where to get a direct piping water dispenser Singapore, look no further. Click here and see our water dispensers in various varieties.