Why invest in a water dispenser? March 13, 2021

Since the dawn of time, we have heard that we should invest in ourselves and the things we own. In a seek for the betterment and enhanced lifestyle, we have been making purchases that evaluate themselves on adequate terms down the road. Such investments may seem reflexive at first and turn out to be carriers of convenience, ease, and contentment in your life.

In the world today, a water dispenser is one of those purchases that you can never go wrong with. It changes lives! Not in metaphorical depiction, but in the most literal senses! As a gateway to novel ease in your life, Lava Water dispenser singapore presents this blog with specific reasons why you should invest your money and time in a water dispenser.

The change

If talking about a water dispenser for home casts a picture of a water cooler in your mind, then we are afraid that you’ve got it all wrong. Gone are those monotonous days. Today, water dispensers are technologically so advanced that they are much more than cooling machines. They are a synonym for invention, ease, and cohesion in your life. Take an alkaline water dispenser, or direct piping water dispenser,  hot and cold water dispenser for that matter.

Rapidity at your hold

Lava Water provides water dispensers that work magically. With intuitive and interactive features, all they take is a few clicks for you to get served. By estimates, it has been noted that an average person spends almost 50 - 40 minutes a year making repetitive movements to the kitchen and dealing with kettles. With such slow creatures, all you can imagine experiencing is a massive mass of inconvenience and exasperation.

Compare this to our range of water dispensers for office, engineered to work in seconds without even skipping a beat. One cup or 10 cups, it doesn’t matter! Everything is set forth from the get-go to ensure that you are served with utmost pleasure and satisfaction. Just a minute left before the bus leaves? Well, no need to forsake your morning tea; you can still enjoy one, thanks to our top-notch dispensers.

Save money and conserve energy

Lava water dispenser supplier singapore are equipped with top-notch mechanisms that help conserve energy. Learning from your patterns and behavior, they function to harness far-less power than contemporary kettles in the market. With high capacities to serve both chilled and warm water, they are a solution you deserve to make cuts on the bill.

Alongside, water dispenser supplier Singapore in the market come fixed with sensors that can know when you aren’t using them and therefore turn them idle- once again curtailing the number of figures that will show up on the monthly bill.

Say yes to improved health

Alkaline Water dispensers are installed with filtration mechanisms that process water through strict stages, helping remove the impurities and external particles. This means all you drink is raw water and not some extra harmful agent ready to wreak havoc.

Dispenser filtered water is perfect for health. The benefits are replete, ranging from hydration to detoxification to digestion. Besides, upon removal of elements such as chlorine and lead, chances of cancer are made zero to none.

However, filtration doesn’t mean that our carbon blocks and UV filters will get rid of the essential nutrients. Only the bad stuff is dealt with. You will still quench your thirst and treat your body with the different minerals it needs.

Hot and cold water dispenser - Build a routine

With chilled and hot water just a click away, you will feel the habit of regular intake building up. The more you realize how rapid taking eight glasses every day can be, the more inclined you will be towards kicking off the start of a more health-oriented lifestyle.

Ultimately, you will see the benefits congregating and then evaluate the importance of the step you took today. The habit instilled today will be cherished tomorrow!

Water Dispenser for Home- Highly adjustable

If you’ve got kettles at your home, only then will you understand just how messy the wires can be! Dangling nowhere, they take a hit on the aesthetic appeal and your peace.

However, water dispensers are made just to solve that. They come in a variety of real estates that can be adjusted in accordance with space. With portability couples functionality! One dispenser can be your all-in-one refrigerator, kettle, filter, and iced water jug. That sounds like not a bad deal, we guess!? What do you say!

Spice up your kitchen with Lava Water Dispenser Supplier Singapore

Water dispensers can be a welcome addition to your kitchen, especially if it looks deserted. Cute and portable, they look great on countertops next to your utensils and other appliances.

Lava Water brings its dispensers in varying designs to let you choose what works and fits best for you. Only you determine what you need!


So that’s just about every reason you should invest in a water dispenser. In a saturated industry, Lava Water is a name of reliability and trust that seeks solutions you can enjoy and extract satisfaction from. Forever committed to your happiness!