Why do you need to move away from bottled water for Water dispensers? February 24, 2021

In an age where the health and condition of our home, the Earth, is one of the primary and the most-discussed topics, pollution is the last thing we want. Today, we have realized the fact that our every deed resonates with the outcome of our future. Plastic waste is an issue faced by countries worldwide, with each of them endeavoring to fight and overcome it. A vast mass of this plastic waste results from bottled water, littered near the beaches and down the oceans.

Resultantly, the balance of nature is heavily turned on one negative side, as marine life, including all the diverse species, suffer. This is fueled by the fact that burning plastic is the least viable choice, as it only worsens environmental stability.

Therefore, in a quest for solutions, numerous water dispenser supplier Singapore have made their way to the surface. On the dint of its vast experience, Lava Water conceives that we as responsible humans need to get rid of bottled water in favor of water dispensers.

Bottled water is taking us nearer to the devastation.

As per Plastic Ocean’s staggering estimate that we use about 500 billion plastic bottles annually, we have been on an incline previously unheard of. From politicians to environmentalists, everyone is in a deep pondering mode that how would the earth shape up without our timely measures! Articles, documentaries, and social videos have been dedicated to raising awareness and lay the stepping stones for a change. After all, we cannot just let it go in the hands of Fate!

Every plastic bottle we use equates to shedding off our very own time period on this planet. We use fossil fuels in massive amounts to create plastic, which in itself is a composite mass of hydrocarbon, meaning we put carbon emission on an unprecedented inclination. This, in turn, translates into large-scale environmental disturbance and on-record display of instability in nature's balance.

As the carbon footprint increases, a substantial amount finds its place in the oceans, breaking into micro-plastic and proving fatal for the species. While not affecting us directly, we could be eating fish with the intake of those harmful micro-plastics.

The costs just get too big.

What’s the last time you got bottled water from the nearest retail store or fuel station? Today!? Yesterday!? Well, the chances are it could very well be one of these.

Scaling this on the bigger picture, can you even estimate how many bottles you bought this same year!? You can’t, right!? Well, that’s the thing we are talking about. Unconsciously we are caught up in a repetitive cycle where we keep purchasing those, and the costs keep adding up. Altogether, this results in figures such as £350 a year by no one but kids!

Therefore, using the tap water and water dispenser for home  is a viable option to ensure that you don’t end up emptying your pocket.

Dispenser water overshadows bottled water.

Do you even get the guarantee of pure and clean water with the thousands of notes you’ve spent on bottles?! No, right!? Because who knows what corporates have got going on behind the scenes, as my momthe entire world is kept shy. Numerous buyers are tricked by marketing campaigns that promise mountains but deliver grains!

In this case, direct piping water dispenser is the best way to bag such assurance and guarantee. The direct piping water dispenser can filter the water, remove the impurities and serve pure and clean offerings. They don’t even require you to get hands-on with bulky cans, always painful to move and carry. You just attach it to a properly working water supply, and then the rest is raw convenience at your hold.

Also, dispenser water eradicates your struggle with specifically maintained water temperature. Hot and cold dispenser with adequate temperature controls are perfect for you in every weather and climate condition. Fast and rapid, they serve in instants, almost magically! Coupled with portability, they can be used just about anywhere, meaning no need to shed out on bottles that last only a few hours or days.

Technological advancements

Over the past couple of years, the water dispenser for home has seen vast potential. Today, they can serve alkaline as well as acidic water, the former, Alkaline water dispenser, being highly trendy and popular. All you need to perform is a touch on the alkaline water dispenser, and you can enjoy the benefits of alkaline water, saying yes to improve immunity, clearer skin, and hydrated well-being.


We believe, Bottled water is one of those things, last in the line. Sooner or later, the authoritative voices will be advocating in support of their end, and then the world will shift towards this alternative. It’s groundbreaking how much plastic we waste every year, and thus it needs to be addressed as soon as possible. This one, for the love of nature.