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Water Dispenser for office- the ultimate thing you need

Are you roaming in the market looking for a new water dispenser for office? If yes, Lava Water Dispenser got you covered. We specialize in delivering water dispensers that can suit multiple workflows and bring ease to numerous lives. With a stunning record and customer response, we have served Singapore citizens on the finest of terms.

Our water dispenser for office is uniquely crafted to address a range of concerns and live up to several requirements. With a commitment to usher convenience in your life, we are on a journey to serve the maximum number of commercial customers.

What makes our water dispensers unique

Rapid functionality

Suited to an office environment where usage is relatively high, our water dispensers function rapidly fast. This stems from top-notch engineering models and techniques that have made our products supremely advanced and reliable. Our dispensers are continuously heating or cooling water, coming through pipes to ensure a prompt outflow whenever needed.


In an office where space constraints are an issue, our dispensers will work just fine. Coming in a range of sizes, they can be put on a countertop or let to be standing. Functionality won’t ever be hampered.


An efficient product is always a dream for a business person. We specialise in supplying dispensers that will learn from your behaviour, and then tune itself to converse energy. Therefore, you will get your hands-on to something that verifies your purchase as in investment.


You must be wondering whether if you are served clean and pure water after you have pulled the final decision!? Well, yes! With an A-grade filtration mechanism, water coming from the main supply is passed through four vigorous stages to ensure that whatever flushes from the dispenser is 100 percent safe for health.

Quality control

In line with our partnerships with only the best manufacturers in the universe, we guarantee that our products will last for years to come. Durability and Reliability are the two things that you won’t have to ever complain about.  You got our word!

How will you benefit

  • Due to the top-notch reliability, your purchase will always be evaluated as an investment
  • You can say good-bye to those huge water bottles and extra expenses with our direct piping water dispenser
  • You wont have to purchase those expensive bottled water, that promise a lot but do nothing



A Water Dispenser For Your Home

We know that numerous things run across your mind when purchasing a water dispenser for your home. You want your product to yield maximum benefits while adding an aesthetic appeal at your place, right? At the same time, you want to enjoy the peace of mind of always drinking something pure and free from harmful agents! And indeed, you have every right to think so!

Lava Water Dispenser specializes in supplying water dispensers to be used at homes. As a go-to choice for several Singapore households, we excel at being highly competent and experienced in the field. Our success is a product of our top-tier customer service, tireless workflow, and an ever-green desire to serve you.

What makes our product a perfect water dispenser for your home?

We know that certain factors govern your decision when it comes to buying a water dispenser for your home. We have considered those and thus partnered with the best dispenser manufacturing companies in the world to provide an end experience that outstretches any previous perimeters.


Our water dispensers are engineered in a way to make the best use of the space. For instance, if you are living in a small condo, getting a water dispenser should not be a problem. Our water dispensers, coming in two variants; countertop and floor standing ones, can be adjusted anywhere.


Being in the industry for some years now, we have realized price is the most pivotal factor in any purchase. Therefore, our dispenser solutions are curated to be cost-effective, which allows us to extend our hands with a broad range of customers.


Talking about capacity, our direct piping water dispensers take the lead as being the most practical and all-rounded option. They save you from the trouble of replacing water bottles every other day while being directly connected to the water supply.

Deep Etched Engineering

You don’t want to wait for years for your water to heat or cool, right?! Taking that in mind, we supply water dispensers that work fast and rapidly. So the next time you would want that cup of morning coffee in an instance, you got it!

We are experienced in delivering water dispensers that take care of your health. With the use of modern filtration systems, our dispensers supply you water pure as crystal. So, no more worries about your health!

Frequently asked Questions

Water dispensers are one of the most popular water coolers used in offices and homes. They have an inverted bottle that is placed on the top of a small water tank. When you press on the fixture, water moves down into the glass with the help of vacuum pressure and gravity. There is also a specifically designed valve that prevents flooding of water inside the machine.

Those water things are called water dispenser for office. There is a wide variety of office water dispensers available in markets. You can instantly get filtered hot and cold water without making any effort. They also save extra time as you need to press the knob, and water will flow into your glass.

Water dispenser for homes has become increasingly popular in modern times. They are considered an excellent alternative to tap water. If you want to have pure, clean, and safe drinking water, investing in a suitable water dispenser for your home is the best idea. They are easy to maintain and also offer a lot of health benefits.