Let’s Achieve Those Hydration Goals March 11, 2021

Staying hydrated is fastly becoming the new norm. Celebrities, as well as influencers, endorse the regular use of water in their daily routine. From Instagram to YouTube, we find creators stressing over how essential hydration is. While it’s quite encouraging, it’s unfortunate to see the vast majority neglecting eight glasses every day.

With your body being 60% of water, of course, treating it with the required amount is imperative. It maintains the perfect cell environment to enable our metabolism to stay within strict and healthy levels. Moreover, it acts as a solvent for several vitamins you need on a daily basis while becoming an essential lubricant in several parts of the body.

The fruitful nature of water doesn’t just show its effect on the underlying processes, but it also helps achieve that glowing glamorous look, the one you’ve been dying for years! Bereavement from such a pivotal element results in fatigue, headache, dry skin, and dizziness. All the things you don’t want, right!?

For that, you would need to hydrate your body daily, and this blog will be your ultimate guide assisting you to manage it without extra fuss and irritation.

Keep a glass or the source nearby.

Nothing can beat the raw set of benefits that water brings to your life. To date, it’s an essential advocate of hydration.

Having a water bottle or a glass can be an effective way to stimulate your muscles into action and get you sipping instantly. It ensures that all the unnecessary trouble is out of the way, distractions are kept to a minimum, and you can enjoy prompt intake. Having a water dispenser around will make it a lot easier to achieve your hydration goals

Simultaneously, tailoring your schedule or creating alarms can work wonders in helping you be on edge and start gulping when the need occurs. This works best for those who cannot master a specific schedule and require a stimulant to usher action in their muscles.

Alongside, our collection of water dispenser is a great addition, too, as they can serve temperature-controlled offerings in no time. Lava Water cares for your health, and thus, engineers perfection in its products. On a mere touch, you can have a cup full without ever feeling any trouble.

No matter space, our water dispenser can fit in just about every corner at your home or the kitchen. Got a dorm room? Not a problem! Got an office? Obviously not a problem. We have a wide range of water dispenser for office and  water dispenser for home.

Portability is the key to getting comfortable with your daily intake routine and yielding the best possible health results.

Drink more milk

For the milk lovers out there, this is huge news. We present you with the tidings that you can adequately address your body’s hydration needs without having to burden yourself with extra stuff in your diet. You can follow the same route, just with greater intensity!

You can top your hot beverages with almond or low-fat milk and enjoy the benefits of supplemental fulfillment in line with hydration. If that doesn’t speak to you, you can always go for a quantitative addition in the morning cereals and smoothies to ensure that a perfect isotonic environment is maintained. Backed by this is the benefit of all those electrolytes!

Moreover, you will be harnessing the support of milk proteins that build your muscles while regulating oxygen flow throughout the body.

For the love of foodies

Hydration isn’t just constrained to liquids! The fruits and vegetables you eat also pack an added punch of water to fulfill your body’s needs. For instance, berries, oranges, melons, and carrots are the best carriers. You can top your day with such fruits or enjoy veggies in the morning to make hydration fun and tasteful!

Time to follow your mom’s order for treating yourself with veggies every day? We guess that’s about it!

Caffeine lovers who cannot live without tea and coffee

The new trends have made tea and coffee an alternative for water in the morning. People prefer having a warm cozy cup of coffee instead of water! And while we don’t discourage that, we also acknowledge the fact that caffeine can be a dehydrating agent if taken in unhealthy amounts.

Therefore, if you’re heavy on caffeine, you can always compensate with a glass of water upon every fresh brew while integrating regular in-take in your daily life. For instance, if you manage to take more than 300mg of caffeine every day, you must ponder and make some cuts or instead go for regular intakes.


In the verdict, we are inclined to believe that regular water intake must be a crucial part of everyone’s lifestyle. While it shows its benefits on the spot, it also goes a long way in the future to improve your health, give you better skin while tuning your metabolic rate to the acceptable limits. You deserve the best, so hop on the new norm!