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Hot and Cold Water Dispenser- The best of both worlds

Do you want your dispenser to instantly serve you hot or cold water? Or are you fed up with lack-luster options in the market? If yes, our hot and cold water dispenser is made just for you!

As a leading hot and cold water dispenser supplier, we understand how much you value the water you drink. Your purchase is governed by the fact that if you are being served with something pure and clean! Lava Water Dispenser takes care of that as it partners only with manufacturers that maintain high-quality manufacturing standards.

What Makes Our Hot and Cold Water Dispenser Great?

We ensure that we deliver you something that’s not just a product but a portal to a full-fledged experience. This is made possible through several aspects of an optimal water dispenser.

Fast and Rapid

Our dispenser is uniquely engineered to work in instants every time you use it. This is made possible by the hours of innovation that went into work. Therefore, the next time you need that one quick cup of coffee in an emergency, you got it! No problem!

This also means you will save valuable time at different intervals, as your clean and pure water will always be just a few clicks away from you.

Temperature Controls

Our hot and cold water dispensers come with temperature controls that let you choose the exact temperature for your water. From the extremes to the medium, you can go for any option you want. From those chilly drinks on a Summer night to those warm teacups on a Winter morning, you got everything covered with precise and accurate controls.

Different sizes

For the longest time now, we have been serving the households and businesses in Singapore. Today, our dispensers come in two different variants that put the hassles associated with size and space constraints out of the way.

You can adjust our dispensers in tiny condos, living rooms, and office halls.


We are experienced in supplying alkaline water dispenser that take aesthetics into significant consideration. Therefore, our products stand tall on both functionality and looks. You will be served excellent quality water and have looks to complement that.


Our expertise lies in top-notch filtration mechanisms that can eliminate microscopic agents, dirt, and other external particles. This comes in handy, especially when your dispenser is connected directly to the water supply.


Frequently asked Questions

Yes, drinking hot water from a water dispenser is entirely safe and has a number of health benefits. However, you need to be more cautious with the hot water dispenser keeping in view how dangerous the hot water side can be. Be vigilant, and use the right kind of glass when filling hot water, or otherwise, you may burn yourself.

It is highly advisable to consider some essential things when buying a water dispenser Singapore for your everyday use. You need to check the efficiency, adaptability, functionality, and above all, the quality of the product before investing your money. Some of the best options available in the market are;

  • Alkaline Water Dispenser
  • Hot and Cold Water Dispenser
  • Direct Piping Water Dispenser

Hot water dispensers have two carbon filters that are designed for filtering and removing wastes from drinking water. After the water passes through these specially designed filters, it is heated up to 95 degrees celsius. When the valve is pressed, the hot water starts coming out.

Instant hot water dispensers are in demand nowadays because they can heat water quickly without extra effort. They are also power-efficient and save a lot of energy as compared to traditional kettles. They are also highly reliable and can last for up to five years if handled correctly and with care.