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Water Whenever You Need

Do you require a constant water supply at all times? Are you fed up shedding your pocket every time water runouts? Do you think water dispensers must offer a more cohesive and convenient experience? If the answer’s affirmative, then luck has taken you to the right place!

Lava Water dispenser provides Direct piping water dispenser in Singapore locals love to have! Innovation and invention in products are what drive us to serve you. And indeed, a direct piping water dispenser allows us to do precisely that! We didn’t constrain ourselves to those conventional products offered by everyone in the market but take a more comprehensive approach with solutions that matter.

How Our Direct Piping Water Dispenser Will Change Your Life?

Our direct piping water dispenser is uniquely engineered to extract hassles from your life. As it connects directly to your water supply, you do-not have to make regular visits to the supermarket to get a huge bottle. It delivers in instants, making water accessible for you in even emergencies.

It takes massive engineering to deliver such a reliable and fruitful product. The dispenser is tuned to purify water as it flows through the pipes, providing you something clean as a crystal. So the next time you want to see your reflection in a glass, you got it!

Water is the essence of life, and we believe that you deserve nothing but purity of the highest order! We are experienced in supplying products that have been manufactured using the latest techniques, A-grade equipment, and tested to last like immortals!

Moreover, quality standards and orders are strictly followed to ensure that the product doesn’t malfunction and hamper your life. All dispensers are tested and tried through vicious stages and extensive use to make the reality of utmost convenience in your life possible.


Delivering this Direct piping water dispenser in Singapore residents have largely accepted, we deem it an obligation to ensure that our product fits a range of customers.

We supply water dispensers of two different variants; counter-tops and stand-alone ones. We are moved by the way our lives differ and therefore offer something suited for every household and business.

You can fit our dispenser in corners, open against your living room, or on counter-tops. Nothing will hamper their usability, and they will keep shedding the water you love!

Moreover, we excel with the water quality standards as all of our dispensers have a top-notch filtration mechanism that will take care of purity, cleanliness, and everything. We can’t let you risk your health!

Our priority is to make your life easier and hassle-free with our solutions because you have chosen us for the job. We will test our utmost limits not to disappoint!

Frequently asked Questions

  • Direct piping water dispenser Singapore is directly connected to the water source whereas, bottled water dispenser needs storage space in the form of water bottles.
  • A direct piping water dispenser is comparatively less expensive than a bottled water dispenser as it reduces the expenses of purchasing bottles.
  • With a direct piping water dispenser, you will never run out of water; on the other hand, a bottled water dispenser requires replenishing the empty bottles.
  • Direct piping water dispenser Singapore is also better for you and the planet because it produces minimal waste.
  • Tabletop or counter water dispensers are a space-saving option and also look aesthetically pleasing. On the other hand, floor standing water dispensers require more space.
  • Floor standing water dispensers are more reasonably priced than counter water dispensers.
  • Floor standing water dispensers are also easy to refill, flexible, and environment friendly.
  • Floor standing water dispensers reduce the risk of back strain or muscle injury.

Here are a few essential things that you need to consider when selecting a water dispenser for your work area or home;

  • Decide whether you need a tabletop or floor standing water dispenser.
  • Check the space between the water outlet and drip tray.
  • Choose the dispenser keeping in view your space.
  • Check if the outer body is made of plastic or stainless steel.