About Lava Water Dispenser Pte Ltd.

About Lava Water Dispenser Pte Ltd.

Lava Water Dispenser is a native Singapore company that supplies top-notch dispensers across the country. With a modern and innovative business model, we are unlike everything you have seen in the market. We are moved by innovation and inventions to deliver an end product that is reliable and durable.

Our solutions are cost-effective and highly functional, something which is a portrayal of our vision. We believe that business outstretches the realm of transactions and is a synonym for Connection.

We deal with all sorts of dispensers; direct piping water dispenser, hot and cold water dispenser, and alkaline water dispensers, which can suit a range of commercial and residential customers. Our success is rooted in how we serve and provide the ease you deserve!

We are devoted to serving consumers who wish to undergo enhanced user experience from everything they use


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Our Mission

Our Mission

We, Lava Water dispenser is on a mission to ensure the attainment of the highest standards of quality, safety, hygiene and ethical conduct in the water dispenser industry (“Industry”) through our unimpeachable products and services supplied by our team to their customers, in full recognition of the Industry’s environmental responsibilities. The water dispenser is one of the important products.

Lava water is focusing on major factors which are given as.

  • The FloWater’s cutting-edge osmosis process technique guarantees 99% efficacy in the removal of microbial, metallic, and plastic residues found in water.
  • With the increasing risk of cross-contamination and germs’ spread, self-sanitizing is the need of the hour; our fully immersed dispensing system is the solution to a safe and clean environment
  • Enriched with oxygen, essential minerals, and pH-controlled for increased health benefits
  • Enhance natural immunity and self-defense mechanism with a simple act of improved hydration