About  Lava Water Dispenser Pte Ltd.

About Lava Water Dispenser Pte Ltd.

We provide full and specific solutions for our every customers.

Lava Water Dispenser is a native Singapore company that supplies top-notch dispensers across the country. With a modern and innovative business model, we are unlike everything you have seen in the market. We are moved by innovation and inventions to deliver an end product that is reliable and durable.

Our solutions are cost-effective and highly functional, something which is a portrayal of our vision. We believe that business outstretches the realm of transactions and is a synonym for Connection.

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Our Product

The water Dispensers you deserve

Are you stuck in the market looking for a water dispenser in Singapore loves? Have you been fed up with mediocre quality products that have ruined your experience? If yes, fate has brought you to a place where all of your concerns couldn’t be looked after in a better way! So let’s get started; we will take you in inches of distance to a wise decision!

Lava Water Dispenser is the leading water dispenser supplier in Singapore that has worked its way to the top through a business model that will cover all your dispenser problems. With its broad coverage of services entailing all sorts of dispensers, the company has established trust and authenticity with its blooming number of customers.

Our water dispenser company exists today because we felt the need to serve Singapore’s people in a better and more cohesive way. The lack of support in the customer services and uninspiring products drove us to usher in a new and more significant dynamic in the industry. Today, this vision has allowed us to deem our customer’s satisfaction as the single largest asset we have.

As a top-notch water dispenser supplier in Singapore loves to have, we understand how valuable clean and safe water is. Therefore, we want your dreams to become full-fledged realities and take care of your health concerns. We excel in being your all-in-one water dispenser supplier, made possible by our honest dealings with alkaline water dispenser, hot and cold water dispenser, and direct piping water dispensers. On top of that, our expertise also lies in providing water dispensers made uniquely for homes and offices.

Our Products

Alkaline Water Dispenser

Our alkaline water dispenser has quickly become the go-to option for many households and businesses. This is due to the fact that alkaline water holds great potential in improving your health. Its secret lies in its anti-aging properties, resisting cancer, improving skin condition, assisting in weight loss, and enhancing the immune system.

These benefits of alkaline water have made it a popular choice in the water dispenser in Singapore market. Our dispenser separates water elements, giving you the vitality you won’t find with our competitors.

Hot and Cold Water Dispenser

As the name implies, this dispenser heats or cools down your water in a few instants. It is widely used in commercial offices and homes, where quick access to water is crucial. Need to make a cup of coffee? Not a problem! Simply hop next to our dispenser and get your water at a desirable temperature through temperature controls.

Direct piping water dispenser

Our direct piping water dispenser is a very reliable option for those needing water at larger volumes. It connects directly to your water supply or tap, then the water gets heated or cooled and, at last, oozed down in your cup.

Its quick and rapid use wastes no time, while a direct water supply means you don’t have to shed your pockets on bottles every other day. A-grade filtration systems make your water clear as crystal while ridding microbial agents. Moreover, getting it also means that you are cautioned about our home, the Earth, as just imagine how much reduced carbon footprint we will have by deserting those huge water bottles.

Product Versatility

We are experienced in providing you the most versatile products in the market. It goes without saying that we want to serve every prospect, no matter his needs and requirements.

Our water dispensers come in a variety of sizes. They can be installed on counter-tops or put on the floor, making your space constraints, not a problem. Have your water supply at all times, no matter where!

Why Choose Us

Every day, we are adding new customers and solutions to our portfolio. Our success stems from your support. We do everything in our capacity to bring ease and convenience to your life!


Working in the industry as the water dispenser supplier in Singapore shows its utmost confidence in, has equipped us with extensive knowledge and experience to serve every household and business. We are fully aware of the Singaporean methods and practices; something that lets us gain insight into every project. With customer satisfaction to support our expertise, we are always ready to serve you.

Our Partnership

We have partnered with one of the universe’s best manufacturers. Their maintenance of high-quality standards allows us to deliver only the products you deserve. Your water will be pure and clean every time you use our dispensers.

Our Team

We have passionate and adept individuals working for us who innovate and invent in the industry to create the best solutions for you.

There for You

We are always there to hear from you and provide you with solutions both cost-effective and reliable. Choosing us will mean you won’t have to face any of your prevailing problems and say yes to a more convenient and hassle free life!

We are devoted to serving consumers who wish to undergo enhanced user experience from everything they use

We Provide Great Quality

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Frequently asked Questions

Nowadays, water dispenser Singapore has become so common. You can consult the nearest water dispenser supplier Singapore to make the right choice, considering your requirements and needs. Some of the best water dispensers include;

  • Floor standing water dispensers
  • Hot water dispensers
  • Coldwater dispensers
  • Alkaline water dispensers

However, you need to buy the product that provides the maximum output and adds to the beauty of your place too.

If you want to improve your lifestyle by adding luxuries, then indeed investing in a suitable water dispenser is not a bad idea at all. These appliances not only add to the aesthetics of your place but also provide you clean drinking water. In addition to this, water dispenser Singapore has innumerable benefits;

  • They are eco-friendly appliances.
  • They are easy and convenient to use.
  • They aim at increasing your quality of life.

Water dispenser Singapore has become so common in this modern era of science and technology. The price depends on the type of dispenser you are buying.

The cost generally varies between $100 to $1000. Investing in a good water dispenser provides long-term benefits as they are economical, practical, and convenient to use.